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Virtual Desktop

In essence, your applications and storage are all run from a remote server that you can access from anywhere. For instance, if you are in a client’s office and want to open some files or data, you simply log on to your virtual desktop and all the information is there waiting for you. It also allows people to share and work on documents and projects without having duplicate data complicating things.

Many small and medium size businesses are utilising it as a cost effective method of maintaining a high degree of IT capability without having to spend large amounts of money on expensive infrastructure.

The benefits for SMBs

Using a cloud based virtual desktop has a number of advantages that set it apart from an in house IT provision. It is more flexible, enabling you to access your virtual desktop from anywhere, 24/7 – all you need is an internet or Wi-Fi connection; It’s secure and your critical data is regularly backed up so you don’t have to worry about whether it is safe or what will happen if you lose that valuable data; It takes away the worry out of software updates, online security, server problems and other IT issues that would need a whole team employed on site if you had in house provision; You can pay-as-you-go on a monthly basis which means you don’t have to fork out a large proportion of your operating budget to get your IT provision up and running.

How will a virtual desktop change the way I do business?

Speed, efficiency, security. You will be able to work faster and more efficiently. You can carry your office around in your pocket or briefcase and you can be sure that all your files and data will be secure. Having an in house IT structure in place can often hinder new businesses when they are looking to grow. Because the outlay and initial overheads are small, SMBs can concentrate on the things that matter whilst being sure that all their IT needs are catered for.

And that doesn’t just mean the usual things like your excel and word files. A cloud solution from our company can handle a wide range of third party software including CRMs, accounting and industry specific programs.

Is a virtual desktop right for your business?

Many SMBs are moving to cloud based virtual desktops simply because it gives them the flexibility and affordability they need to progress in today’s competitive environment. Because you are not worrying about your IT provision, you can concentrate on developing your core business whilst knowing that the you need is always there at the touch of a button.