Surface Pro 3

The new dock gets you much more you can connect to than the old Surface. Some of the ports now available to you will be two USB 2 ports along with three USB 3 ports. There is also an extra USB 3 port to now make there a sum of six available USB ports. Also to be found is now a new Gigabit Ethernet port which is a huge upgrade from the older docking station.

Now of course, the main feature of this new docking station is going to be the Mini Display Port video output. This allows you to always connect an external monitor to use instantly right after the docking of your Surface Pro tablet. You can also snap in your Surface pen on the side and store it there with a conveniently magnetized side. The Surface pen is something else that people don’t talk about much but that really sets it apart from the competition.

To set up the dock, very easy. Just put in place the AC power connector, the wired keyboard, mouse and whatever external hard drive you have then snap in the Ethernet cable for wired access if necessary. Once this easy setup is taken care of, you can easily transform the new Surface into a fully functioning desktop PC just by snapping it into the dock and making sure it is in there nice and firm. From here, you can choose to use it with the second screen only option or leave it so that both the Surface screen and the bigger screen are both on at the same time. There may be some scaling issues you need to adjust based on the bigger display screen but once you get that set up you should be good to go. Now with a bigger screen the Surface is pretty much everything you could want as long as you are not running any hardcore software on it, then there may be a need to do a little bit more testing before you commit.