Premium Cable Package

Silicon Valley: Winner of this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, Silicon Valley features some of the smartest young comedians working today. With sharp writing, excellent pacing, and an experienced showrunner, this budding series is one to jump on quickly. Competing with other high tier cable favorites like Game of Thrones, True Detective, and House of Lies, Silicon Valley may have fallen through the cracks for some. By catching up and watching weekly, you’ll get to be the person in your group of friends who introduces everyone to what will quickly become one of their favorite shows.

@Midnight: Hosted by Chris Hardwick, @Midnight is a comedic panel game centered around the most bizarre content the Internet has to offer. While there are no plot points to spoil, much of the content on the show is based on current events, and things that have recently gone viral. Remaining current with the show allows you to get the most out of the memes and videos that are used before they’ve left the public consciousness or been parodied into the ground. Beyond the topical nature of the show, what makes @Midnight must-see nightly TV is the interactivity of the show’s format. Fans are encouraged to play along on Twitter and other forms of social media, with the best and funniest contributions being displayed each episode. This show is more than just passive entertainment; it is a comedic experience in which you are encouraged to participate. Watch live every night, play along on social media, and get the most out of your viewing experience.

Game of Thrones: The television event that has completely overwhelmed the zeitgeist is a force that cannot be ignored. To say the show is good is an understatement of epic proportions. No show in television history has attempted to cover this many converging and conflicting storylines, with so many important characters, and no clear indication of who will make it to the end alive. Season one taught fans that absolutely no character is safe, and the show has continued that tradition every chance it gets. With a show so full of shocking surprises and intense cliffhangers, the immediate, visceral reaction on social media is incredibly difficult to ignore. Even if you stay away from Facebook and Twitter, Game of Thrones has invaded the public consciousness to the point that other forms of media will spoil key plot points before your next DVD arrives in the mail. The surprise factor is one of the most important components of the Game of Thrones experience, and the only way to fully appreciate the journey is to buy a premium cable package and watch it live.