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Fix Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Check if the wireless radio is on

The initial thing that you should start with is the special function key or the hardware switch if you are using a laptop. Remember, this should be the switch that helps you turn on/off a wireless radio. This is required to see if it was not accidentally turned off.

At times, it is possible that the wireless radio is turned off to manage power settings on your device. Go to Power Options and change the settings that will keep it on even during low battery.

Go to access point

You should keep this in mind that if the access point to your wireless is obstructed by physical objects then it will affect the strength of the signal. You need to change the location of your wireless router to a place from where it can receive signals without any obstruction. Another thing to do would be to placing the wireless router in a central location if you are in your house.

Reset Router

If you are able to gain access to wireless router then you can try turning it off and restarting it. This would reset the signals and this would help get the connection back.

Another reason that can cause wireless connectivity issues can be electrical and weather disturbances. In such situations you need to go back to default settings, these can be found in the manufacturer’s manual. You can access the admin settings using IP address.

Network Card Settings

Wireless routers are DHCP servers that help in establishing network with other devices without having to set up anything manually. You need to check for your TCP/IP settings to ensure that your adapter can automatically receive settings coming from DHCP server.

Updating drivers and cards

If there are issues with driver then it will cause troubles with network connections too. If your driver is not updated then too it will cause troubles. First of all, you would need to perform system update and network adapter update. You can try visiting the website of your router to check for firmware updates.