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    Digital Learning

    Personalized learning method: Digital learning can be easily customized by teachers, according to a class’s need and even every student’s need. Based on the student’s strong and weak areas, the learning method adopted for each student can be different, suiting their requirement and goals. With this facility, teachers can bridge existing gaps for each student, and help them in achieving their academic goals.

    Interactive content: Learning through software comes with interactive content, which includes videos, audios, quizzes, puzzles, and games, making the entire learning process more fun. Students rather get driven to this fun way of learning, and tend to spend more time on it. If the content is interesting, grasping and retention becomes easier for students.

    Regular assessments and real-time feedback: Students can take assessments after every chapter, to know how well they have understood the concepts. Students can also take the assessments multiple times for more practice. The real-time feedback from software helps in better learning of concepts. The system tracks the scores of students and allows teachers to see students’ progress at both individual level as well as class level.

    More organized way of learning: It comes with calendars, prompts and reminders and helps students to stay up to date on the curriculum.

    Embedded with artificial intelligence: The software analyses the scores of students in assessments to determine their strongest and weaker areas. If students are able to solve easier problems in their strongest areas, then the software can be programmed to show more complex questions. More questions on the weaker part can be given to improving the student’s overall knowledge in the subject.

    Boosts student performance: The gamification in digital learning makes the student stay in the system for a longer period. Intelligent software determining the weaker areas and throwing questions at them has helped students in bridging gaps in their learning. In this way, students can show the best performance by securing best grades.

    Teacher’s life has become easier: Tracking every student’s performance manually is a highly difficult task. This is where the software has become the best partner for teachers. Since students are finding adaptive learning more fun, and they are also performing better by way of this method, teachers are spending less time in lecturing. They mostly intervene when students require help from them.

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    Recording Skype Video Calls

    Solution 1- Screen Grabber Pro

    The first tool is Screen Grabber Pro. This a tool packed with lots of cool features. You can use the paid version or you can use it for free with basic features.

    User Guidance and Facilities

    First, you need to download the software. After downloading you will get easy directions on how to use the tool. Here is a list of features you will get with the tool.


    • You can start recording your screen with just one click and when done just save it.
    • You can take screenshots while recording on screen.
    • There is also a handy editor if you need to edit something.
    • There is a task scheduler available. You can record a task in the future by setting up the task scheduler.
    • You can do on screen video editing and adjustments.
    • You can record via webcam, audio.


    • Well, this software is really good. So, there are no major cons that are worth mentioning here.

    Solution 2- Cam Studio

    User Guidance and Facilities

    The Cam Studio is another great video recording tool. This is free. You can also give to the paid version try.


    • It’s free. You can do an online recording with creative features. But they are limited.
    • You can create tutorials for creative purposes.


    • With cam studio, you can only save it in AVI and SWF formats which are not the standard.
    • The free trial is limited for 30 days.

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    Spec Your Order for Custom Cable Assemblies

    Email specs

    If you are lucky enough to have a stand-out engineering team, and know what you need, you can simply email the specs directly to the manufacturer. Even if the job is custom, you may have had a similar one created previously. Perhaps your team just understands custom cable manufacturing and is able to create the proper specs on their own, without guidance from the supplier. Before your final order is placed, they will still review the request with you, but emailing the specs is for the customer that has a good understanding of what they need going into the ordering process.

    Discuss options over the phone

    If your team is mostly sure of what is necessary for the job, but still has a few questions before the final order can be placed, then a call to a manufacturer is a good idea. The professionals there will be able to talk with you to narrow down your options and help you make a decision. They will likely also be able to make suggestions about other products that could be better than what you had in mind, in order to improve cost or function. Since you already have a good understanding of what is most likely needed, the process should be smooth and not take much time.

    Share a mock-up, sketch, or model

    When words simply fail and you aren’t able to describe what you need in written or spoken form, then it is time to turn to images. Use what you have, or what you are good at doing. A sketch on paper is a great place to start. Often, the custom cable manufacturing team has come across similar jobs before and will be able to create a few options for you. A model, is also helpful. It could be as complex or crude as you are able to make. A virtual model, created with design software is always helpful. Obviously, it is important to properly illustrate key elements, but the mock-up doesn’t have to be a perfect working replica.

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    Social Engineering

    Social engineering, also known as human hacking, takes on several forms. Some as basic as a phone call with the caller pretending to be someone they are not, others as sophisticated as outlaws getting a job with a cleaning crew or telephone company for physical access to an environment. Corporate leadership must understand the risks of social engineering and take steps to protect their organizations.

    One of the greatest “hackers” of all time, Kevin Mitnick, would pretend to be someone he wasn’t to gain trust, and later access, to company systems. He was so thorough in his actions he once joined a cleaning crew so he had physical access to environments where he easily penetrated their systems and stole valuable information. Social Engineering grows more and more sophisticated and much of it comes from what Kevin Mitnick started decades ago.

    Ever notice how almost no one locks their computer when they walk away? I’ve seen lawyers, human resources employees, and even the controller of an organization leave for long periods of time without locking their computers. How much critical, private, and personal information do these employees have access to? How difficult is it for a disgruntled employee to walk into one of these offices, close the door, and have at the information these key staffers have access to? How hard would it be to get on their managers computer, or an HR system during a company event, or lunch break? Once on the system they could send payroll an email pretending to be a person of authority, and ask for additional funds to get transferred as a “bonus” or “expense reimbursement?” Does your organization think in these terms? If not, it should.

    One company I worked at had a situation where an outside party registered a similar Internet domain name to ours. They then created email accounts using the CEO and CFO names. The criminals sent an email to the controller pretending to be the CEO asking the CFO to wire money to an account. The controller began the process to send the money. Internal checks and balances caught this employee’s error and prevented the funds transfer. The controller made an egregious error, fortunately process saved the day. Does your company have this protection? Does the leadership of your business have the awareness to protect corporate funds from attacks such as this?

    Most people are aware of phony email when it comes from a trusted source. For example, when a friend or co-worker sends the ubiquitous message “Hey check out this cool website I found… ” we all know this is bogus and we stay away. It’s important for business to reach this level of awareness for the more sophisticated human hacking attempts mentioned above as well as dozens of others. Leadership has an obligation to protect company information. The way around the vast majority of attacks is simply awareness. Processes and procedures must exist that protect against human error.

    Humans are easier to hack than computer systems and networks. Most people are raised to be kind and helpful leading them to inherently trust others. The concept of bad people taking advantage of the good and honest does not sit well with most people. Unfortunately, evil exists and we all must have awareness and behave in a fashion that balances our desire to help others while protecting that which we are responsible for. “Protecting the organization from being victimized by hackers using social engineering tactics has to be the responsibility of each and every employee – every employee.”

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    Benefits of LED Technology

    LEDs are extremely energy-efficient and can consume up to 90% less power than conventional fluorescent bulbs. As such they help to massively cut power costs. Because of low power usage, LEDs are becoming popular light sources in remote areas that use solar panels. LEDs also have long life of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for luminous bulbs. Moreover, they are durable and can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature. You can also improve safety by using LED since they produce 3.4 btu’s per hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs.

    People are using LEDs in a variety of applications, including residential lighting, aerospace, architectural lighting, automotive, aviation, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, and more.

    Especially in the micro-projection system, use of LED optics will increase over the years. It is because lighting uniformity and efficiency on spatial light modulators or SLM are two most important factors to gauge performance of micro-projection system. People often use tapered light pipe (TLP) and square compound parabolic concentrator (SCPC) as a beam shaper in LED-based micro projection system. By this, you will get SLM with uniform and efficient illumination.

    However, TLP or SCPC has some disadvantages the primary one been insufficient compactness induced by the working length of TLP or SCPC for the illumination system. To overcome this problem, one can use TIR or Total Internal Reflection lenses.

    Definition of TIR lens

    TIR or Total Internal Reflection lenses are cone-like lenses that usually have rotationally symmetrical designs to distribute light in a rounded pattern. You can use TIR lens to collimated light or to generate a preferred uniform illumination.

    TIR lens manufacturing process

    During TIR lens manufacturing, often the designers do not pay attention to color uniformity, which also limits their application. You can however address this problem through effective color mixing, and use a phosphor-converted white LED module integrated with a compact modified free form to get compact size and high angular color uniformity (ACU).

    Manufacturers design total internal reflection lens with an optimization method to combine and transfer most of the light emitted from LED optics into a rectangular target plane or RTP representing SLM. Typically, TIR lens has six surfaces controlled by seventeen dimensional parameters. Design takes place optimizing dimensional parameters with general algorithms. In order to keep RTP in immovable position with pleasing illumination uniformity and efficiency, designers consider illumination uniformity and efficiency on RTP during the optimization process.

    In the Tracepro program, the simulation result of LED illumination system with the optimized TIR lens shows that the illumination efficiency and uniformity has achieved 61.9%, 76% with considering the limitation angle of light (15 degrees).

    You can manufacture these lenses for multiple LED applications. Manufacturing of different sizes of TIR lenses depends on its optical performance, so one cannot specify FWHM angles, etc.

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    Facts About Emails

    • 29% of the emails you receive are newsletters. Remember you registered there, subscribed on that and so on and so on. Every time you register you are automatically subscribed to newsletters of that company, so do remember to untick the box “Receive email notifications” or similar, because that’s just annoying isn’t it?
    • Less than 50% of emails deserve an attention. Probably most of you have noticed that, when you open an email account every morning you firstly delete around 30% of your inbox and then you start checking other emails which you believe are important. Read the point above and unsubscribe from the newsletters are rarely open and add the email addresses you don’t want to hear from into SPAM folder.
    • Five minutes of every hour an average employee spends on writing and reading emails at work. That can sound perfect, but if you think about how much time could be saved, taking into account that less than 50% of emails should be really be opened or read. In a year that could save you around 80 hours. If you are employer – think about that.

    Some fun facts about emails:

    • Homer Simpson had his own email address. This email was revealed in one of the episodes of The Simpsons, where [email protected] address was shown. After that one of the writers tried to answer all those incoming emails from the name of Homer, but it didn’t last long due to high number of interested people.
    • The @ sign in emails is known as different name in different languages:

    o In German it is called “spider monkey”

    o In Russian @ is usually pronounced as a “dog”

    o In Chinese it is named as “little mouse”

    We have no idea why @ is named after animals in different countries, but we know for fact only one – every person should think more or less about their privacy and security whilst sending emails. It is a fact that your personal data could be stolen or bank details received via some virus-email or spam. In order to protect yourself from that – search for secure email services.

    Here are some examples of such secure email services:

    • Hushmail is a secure email service that allows to use your own domain name for $5.24 per month.
    • Lavaboom is a German email service with encryption. In future will allow to burn emails after reading.
    • PDF Postman has a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and PDF files encryption.
    • Voltage SecureMail is a secure email service for corporate customers.

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    Smart Buildings

    The Tip of the Iceberg

    With the advent of smart building technology, we are at the precipice of a world very different from the one we know. We are soon to see entire smart communities composed of smart buildings, smart cars that drive themselves on smart highways lined by smart street signs and smart billboards.

    And why are these smart buildings and smart cities necessary? Haven’t we done just fine without them? While that is certainly debatable, it is becoming difficult to deny that urban areas around the world have infrastructures that are severely strained by ever-increasing populations. The World Health Organization reports that in 2010 more than half of the world’s population lived in cities. They estimate that the number will increase to 60% by 2030. The United Nations estimates it will be over 70% by 2050. With power distribution systems, water management systems, sanitation systems, transportation systems and more encumbered by increased demand, and with the budget constraints that most municipalities face, there is a strong push toward increased efficiency and sustainability in cities around the world. Additionally, many governments are now enforcing laws mandating cleaner technologies and reduced emissions.

    The world in which we live is changing, as is the way we live in it. There are some obvious benefits, and as with any change there are some significant concerns.

    What’s the Downside?

    In the midst of all of the excitement about cleaner, more efficient cities with less waste and lower emissions, a few voices still can be heard crying “Stay out of my business, big brother!” So, what happens when these technologies become tools for policing the population? Is there a line that has been crossed when some organization decides when your doors should be locked? Or what about whether or not your car will start? What if automation technology can be used to deny services to people based on arbitrary criteria? Are we moving too quickly into the future?

    While some of these questions may seem like the unsettled ramblings of a reclusive conspiracy theorist, there are many people who consider these to be valid concerns. These are not new questions, though, and similar questions surface nearly every time a significant technological advance is made. There are far too many benefits to building a smarter infrastructure to think that it may not happen. It most certainly is happening right now, and the benefits are already being measured. While there may be legitimate concerns, the concerns will be addressed. There is more value in preparing ourselves for the reality of what’s happening than in denying it.

    Consider the Upside

    Some of the benefits of smart building technology are cited above, including greater efficiency, reduced waste, less pollution, fewer accidents. These are obvious benefits that can save municipalities a great deal of money, while simultaneously creating a cleaner, more efficient world for us all. These technologies can reduce – maybe even eliminate – our dependence on fossil fuels. These technologies can create cleaner air, safer streets, and healthier, happier citizens.

    While there may be some valid concerns, information and communication will help to alleviate many of them. We are living in a time with virtually unlimited access to information. There is no longer any good reason for us to live in ignorance. If we can stay aware of the new technologies that are being introduced into our environments, and stay abreast of any legislation that supports these new technologies, there is no reason for us to fear the future. What’s more important is the type of life we can lead in this “smart” world. Imagine a world of healthy people with more free time and fewer expenses. What new possibilities can come from a life unencumbered by the tedium of performing these simple daily tasks? This can be a liberating experience if we let it.

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    Proper Visual Management Tool

    The Ability to Brainstorm

    All great platforms will allow your employees to brainstorm and throw ideas up on the big board without having to start the planning process right away. In order to do this properly, they should be able to have a digital holding center for all of these ideas where all of the team members can access it, no matter where they might be. This brings us to our next requirement.

    The Ability to Work With Remote Team Members

    There are many reasons why team members cannot be all in the same location at once. Maybe different team members are on other teams as well and time slots do not match up. Maybe there are field teams and corporate teams in your company. No matter what the reason is, these visual tools should be able to be used by all team members no matter where they are in the world. This means there has to be a web-based interface and the ability to host several users at once.

    An Easy-To-Use Interface

    All of these tools need to be usable by all members of the team. Unlike some programs, where only certain team members can use them, such as accounting or finance software, this program has to be accessible. This means that all members can be easily trained on how to use it. Usability is one of the key features of a visual tool like this, and without it the tool is essentially useless. In order to determine the ease-of-use and accessibility of these management tools, you should do a trial run and have several different team members test out the software. If it is easy to use, your employees will let you know!

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    Laptop And PC Recycling

    Laptop and PC recycling comes with a number of advantages. One of the advantages is that the process aids in preventing misuse of resources. Since the old devices are used in making new ones, no new natural resources are used in the process and this aids in preventing misuse of resources.

    Recycling also has economic benefits in that it aids in saving energy and money that will have been used in manufacturing new devices. Since the money is not used in recycling, it’s used in uplifting the economic status of a country.

    The recycling process is also eco-friendly as it eliminates accumulation of waste which often results to the spread of toxins and diseases. Since there is no accumulation of waste, there is no generation of greenhouse gases and as a result there is no climatic change. This means that people live in a healthy environment that is free of pollution.

    The first thing that you need to do is to erase all personal information that might be in the device. Removing all the information protects you from identity theft and also ensures that your personal files can’t be accessed by someone else.

    To safely delete the information you need to use a disk wipe program. You can get the program online or ask an IT professional to assist you with it.

    Once you have erased all of the information, you should find a recycling center in your area. The good side is that many large cities have drop off locations where recycling can take place; therefore, if you live in a large city you will not have a problem finding a recycling center.

    If you live in a small town or city, you should search online for a computer recycling company. You should note that some companies pay for shipping while others require you to pay for the shipping. Before you settle on a given company, you should understand who takes care of the shipping costs.

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    List Internet Service Providers


    Verizon is a leading brand when it comes to ISPs globally. It is all about delivering high connectivity, great surf speed that includes nothing less than 1.23 Mbps. The service provider delivers high speed Internet connectivity by using the fiber-optic network or the FiOS. However, with this in mind it is not always possible for everyone to opt for the technology of FiOS. There is a great possibility that due to a different geographic location you might not be able to gain access to a better network or even feel compromised with the lack of FiOS.


    Comcast is a great brand that is known to deliver XFinity service that is a collaboration of high-speed connectivity through fiber optic. It is with the recent upgrade to the technology of XFinity that can provide 1 Mbps surf speed. You get 15 Mbps download without any hassle or technical glitch. However, chances are that some geographic locations are out of reach. It is possible that due to a different geographical location you cannot benefit from it just yet. However, the standard version will still provide you with 992 Kbps surf speed.


    Cox ISP can provide wide network coverage and connectivity through cable service. You will be able to get the XFinity and the FiOS technology at your home. You will get a great speed of 1.14 Mbps surf speed. This service is ideal and works well for those who have to reach zones like rural areas or countryside. If you are located at the far side of the country, where it is difficult to get fiber optic connection then this is the one for you. Opt for this ISP and you are good to go for PC games.

    Optimum Online

    Optimum Online might not be as popular as other ISPs, but it is capable of providing good cable connectivity. The connectivity option is designed for online games or PC games. The connectivity and the surf-speed provided by this ISP is 1.12 Mbps that is amazing. This ISP is certainly a great choice when it comes to speed similar to the fiber optic connection.