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    Computer Become Slow Running Over Time

    Software updates

    They are some of the most common causes for a computer running slow yet they are very important. Most cause temporary slowdown to your system as they continue launching in the background. You can fix this by ensuring that your software is always up to date.

    Low disk space

    Computers tend to slow down dramatically when they are running low on disk space. Remember that plenty of cache files get generated between your apps and the operating system. When the disk is full such actions take much longer to swap files, thereby affecting the speed at which your computer runs. Always check on the space available and clear out files that are no longer needed from time to time to create more space.

    High utilization of the processor

    Processes and apps that consume lots of your processor tend to slow other computer operations or tasks. There are so many things that can end up taking up your CPU more than appropriate and they can create an issue. You can quit such apps or processes to free up the CPU and improve operation.

    Too many open apps

    Another thing that most people overlook yet it can have an effect on the running is opening too many apps at a time. It is a habit that can run you out of RAM or crash the disk resulting in slow speed. Quit all apps that you are not using and work with as few open apps as possible every time.

    Not Enough RAM

    It is amongst the biggest slowdown culprits. Virtual memory takes over when you are out of RAM and this memory is really slow considering that it relies on the hard disk for information storage. Lacking enough RAM for your needs can also slow speeds. Give up apps you no longer need and re-launch the rest that you are using. If your RAM is not enough for your needs, then it should be time to consider a RAM upgrade.

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    Windows Registry

    The registry is one huge database of your operating system. Most of the settings of the operating system, programs you installed, and even the games you play are saved on it. Being placed in one location, it makes it easier and faster for your computer and all of it programs to access it. However, despite being a single entity on your computer, the registry is composed of multiple registry files.

    However, even though they are separated in multiple files, that is not enough reason for the system to have difficulties on accessing them since to make it faster for your programs to have access to the registry, your operating system will load it on its memory as soon as it boots. And that makes it always available for your programs to use and access.

    How Does It Get Cluttered?

    The registry becomes cluttered whenever a poorly written program is installed in your system. Most of the time, those programs will place a lot of entries on your registry and most of them are technically useless. Also, the creators of this programs often forget to include remove the registry entries they have created in their uninstallers. Because of that, the registry becomes full of useless entries that only take up space.

    How Does It Get Fragmented?

    The registry is saved on your computer’s hard disk. And since it is always accessed, updated, and edited, the registry files can get fragmented.

    Does a cluttered Registry Slow the System?

    Unfortunately, not really. The registry is already full with thousands of entries. Adding a few hundreds of entries will not really affect the system. Also, since the registry is loaded in the computer’s memory, having thousands of entries will not really matter. There will be no need for your hard disk to parse an entry from its storage whenever a program needs to access a value from it.

    Will a Fragmented Registry Slow Down the System?

    Yes, but not as much as you think. A fragmented registry will take more time to be loaded on the memory when the computer starts. However, that slowdown will be barely noticeable. Also, since the registry is not big loading it to the memory is not that a big deal. A computer that has been running for years and has a lot programs might have a registry that might be around 75 to 125 MB big. Opening your word processor to your computer might be even slower than the computer loading the registry to the memory.

    What Are the Pros of Cleaning the Registry?

    It is relevantly too small. Even if you use the best registry-cleaning program in the market, the impact to your system’s speed of registry cleaning and defragging will be small.

    Just think about it, why do operating systems do not come with this program if it will be essential in maintaining your computer? After registry cleaning became popular in ‘maintaining’ computers, operating system developers never made an attempt to include a registry cleaning utility in their operating system packages?

    What Are the Cons of Cleaning the Registry?

    Unfortunately, it outweighs the pros. Recklessly or fully trusting registry cleaning applications to remove entries in your registry could be dangerous. If you or the program makes a mistake in removing an essential entry on it, a program may stop working entirely – not to mention that it might crash your system.

    So Why Get Those Registry Cleaning Programs?

    The only useful function of registry cleaning programs is its registry backup feature. In case you want to edit something in the registry, registry backups will spare you a lot of trouble if you make a mistake.

    However, you can also use Microsoft Windows operating systems’ System Restore feature. That utility is a backup creation program that can restore your system in an earlier working state. Not only it will restore important files that you might have lost, it will also restore the previous registry that you have.

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    Dispose of Old Computer

    Sell It

    This is probably one of the simplest things to do. Whether you are having a yard sale or just list your computer on a site, there are a lot of ways that you can find individuals willing to buy your computer. Even if you no longer have a use for that old model, there are many people who do.

    Some people just need a computer that can surf the Internet and run a word processor, and don’t care about the latest and greatest technology. These people may be willing to buy an older computer to save money while still getting what they need. Other people are technological wizards who can build an entirely new computer from parts of different computers. These people may want your computer for its parts so that they can build a new computer for themselves.

    If you don’t want to sell the computer yourself, look into selling it to a computer parts store who can either sell the parts or the whole computer for you.

    Recycle It

    If you have a really old computer, you may not be able to find many people willing to buy it. If this is the case, you will need to recycle it. There are a lot of trash pickup companies that specialize in bulky waste objects or other types of rubbish that can’t be put out with your weekly trash. They can take your computer and dispose of it legally so you don’t have to worry about it.

    If you’re looking into computer recycling look for a company that is going to get the most out of your computer. You should find a company that is going to attempt to make use of your computer before just throwing it away. Find someone who will try to refurbish it and sell or donate it before they recycle it. That way, you can know that you are doing your part to pay it forward and protect the environment.

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    Dangers of Digital Currency

    What If the Power Goes Off?

    The modern world is a kaleidoscope of electronic gadgets and systems that make possible things we only dreamed about as kids. Thanks to our electronic world, you can buy a house from your cellphone, see what the night sky looks like in real time on the other side of the world, or profit from nanosecond differences in trading times in the stock market. All before you get out of bed.

    Just like my “modern” guitar friends, many people seem to take it for granted that the digital systems that underlie these miracles – the Internet, for example – are eternal. So when I hear someone make plans that assume uninterrupted connectivity, I think to myself: “What if the power goes off?”

    Which brings me to one of the most frightening ideas I’ve come across in a while.

    A U.S. tech giant is reportedly working on a software platform based on the infamous digital currency “Bitcoin.” The idea is to make it possible for major currencies like the dollar or euro to operate like Bitcoins. Anyone could transact with anyone else in the world directly, bypassing banks completely. Just log on, send your money and you’re done.

    This promises a world with no banks, no fees and no hassles… but lots of danger.

    Digital Counterfeiting

    Everyone knows that counterfeiting is a risk with paper money. That’s why individual bills have serial numbers on them. But the same applies to digital currencies. Unlike physical money, the electronic files that represent digital currency can be duplicated exactly, with no trace. Since spending a digital dollar doesn’t delete the electronic data that represents it, and in the absence of banks and their accounting systems, some other way is needed to prevent that dollar from being used again by the same person – so-called “double-spending.”

    Bitcoin accomplishes this by means of a “block chain.” Every few minutes, a group of all recent Bitcoin transactions is created, called a block. This block is then quickly distributed across the Bitcoin system, where it is added to the ongoing chain of all Bitcoin transactions (hence the name). That way, if someone who has already spent a given Bitcoin (and has not received it back legitimately from a third party) tries to spend it again, the system will reject it as “counterfeit.”

    Bitcoin accomplishes this by using a distributed system of anonymous “nodes” that keep track of the block chain. But the same thing could be accomplished by a central server. The tech company working on its own digital currency has therefore floated the idea of turning dollars and other currencies into digital form – with the central server controlled by central banks.

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    I don’t need to tell you what would happen under this system if the power goes out: No moolah. Of course, the same thing can and does happen now, with so much of our transacting done by credit or debit cards. But at least we have the option of keeping and using cash.

    Am I paranoid in thinking that, no matter what the advantages of digital currencies – and bypassing banks is really tempting – the real danger isn’t power outages, but rather giving a central power the ability to turn our money on and off? The dangers of digital currency aren’t small. After all, imagine the opportunities for monetary mayhem: digital wealth confiscation… automatic taxation… courts issuing warrants to seize your digital money…

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    Precision Machining

    As the industry has changed substantially, there are now much fewer people who need to be doing the physical work, and instead there is a demand for skilled engineers to maintain the machines as well as programmers to input in the information so that the machinery can operate fully. This means that why the work has become of a higher quality, costs have reduced, which is why you’ll see incredibly complex machinery is much less expensive than it might have been in the past.

    As technology has developed, this has become more and more precise, to the point where actually most parts are far more accurate than they really need to be. Usually these turned parts which are made using precision machining are produced on a large scale using automatic machining, computer numerically controlled lathes, or rotary transfer machines.

    With a huge and eclectic range of products and parts which can be produced through this method, there is almost no end to the possibilities. Both large and small objects we use every day have been manufactured using precision machining, and all sorts of different materials and results can be achieved. It’s possible for one machine to make all the different components necessary for a single object, for example, although more often each machine will be set to work performing an individual task.

    Look around you. Anything which has been produced and not made by hand is more likely than not made using precision machining. Considering the way this technology has developed in the last hundred years, we can only imagine what sorts of developments there will be in this industry in the years to come. Soon we can see workshops being managed by a single maintenance engineer, with all programming carried out through CAM.

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    IT Consulting Can Help Start-Up

    This is also true of start-ups, which can sometimes struggle to know exactly what they need in regards to an IT service or which technology and software can help them in their endeavours. With this in mind, here are some of the main areas that an IT consulting company can help any new business get off to a good start in.

    As mentioned above, it can be difficult for new businesses to know where to start when it comes to implementing IT solutions in their fledging company. For this reason, hiring an independent IT expert can help a great deal in installing this essential infrastructure that will pave the way for business success.

    Some of the services that an IT consulting company can provide include advising on cloud computing solutions, network installations, software and hardware choices, as well as delivering remote and on-site IT support and carrying out computer repairs.

    Having this expert perspective on what exactly is needed is valuable for any company, but especially for start-ups as they attempt to establish themselves in their chosen field or industry. This alone can be a very compelling reason to hire the help of an IT professional for an initial assessment and tailored advice.

    The second point that needs to be made is that hiring an independent IT specialist can often provide excellent value for money to starter businesses, as they will not be paying out for in-house technical support instead. Indeed, the cost savings that can be made are one of the main reasons that any business hires an IT consulting company instead of employing an in-house specialist.

    Furthermore, many IT consultants will tailor their services and packages to suit the businesses that they are working with. If they are working with a large business with a very large requirement of support, this can be done for a higher price rather than a smaller budget. For small and new businesses, packages of services can be tailored accordingly.

    This can mean that IT solutions are available within smaller budgets and without unnecessary extraneous services or the need to hire extra staff. This can have many financial and practical benefits for any start-up.

    One of the major benefits of hiring a IT consulting company to help get a new business running smoothly is that having a professional on hand to help solve difficulties and issues can mean that any technical problems will not cause potentially disastrous downtime for the business in question.

    Whereas this is true for large and well established businesses as well as new and smaller companies, technical issues can be potentially devastating for a fledgling enterprise that is trying to make its mark in a saturated global economy.

    Issues with internet connectivity, software issues and systems failures can all derail a small and new business that is trying to establish itself, and having IT experts on hand to help overcome these issues can make a huge positive difference for start-ups. With specialists just a phone call away, potentially disastrous problems can simply become minor hiccups.

    These are just a few of the ways that an IT consulting company can help a start-up company. From advising the new enterprise on the best IT practices and tools to implement to helping overcome technical difficulties without any major problems, there are many great reasons why this kind of service can be valuable for any company that is just starting out.

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    Online Store for Desktops

    A few months back my boss asked a simple, yet important question from me, “Because it seems like laptops have taken over desktops and tablets have taken over laptops, do you think that the market or utility of desktops is going to vanish someday around?”

    Well! I spontaneously answered that could not happen. Advanced technology may produce more advanced desktops with revolutionary features but their utility can never dissolve.

    Now when the usage of desktops is so common, the complexities of issues is also quite common. Reason being, its usage is no more limited to a few experts or officials. Certain threats have taken over the nerves of users like cyber insecurity, data theft, personal information theft, data management, applications management and much more.

    Though the desktop technology seems like racing at an unimaginable speed, there pops up the need of several desktop applications just like any other gadget. The irony is no techie has still planned or understood the dire need of an online store for desktop applications so far.

    So the next big question is, “How far we need an online store/ single market place/one stop destination for desktop applications?”

    Not every desktop user is so tech savvy that he/she can actually delete the confidential data permanently. Such users delete the file they are supposed to delete and believe that no one can recover it. Not all know that after deleting the file goes to the recycle bin and can be recovered anytime. Needless to mention, not all of my readers would be aware of the fact I have shared here.

    Well! What a user needs in that case? Though, there are many players in the market that offer such desktop utilities that can ease the task of deleting the files or unnecessary data, the users have to search rigorously for it. In this case if there is a reliable market place just like Google play store, the users can install the utility in moments and use it, saving a lot on time and money.

    Then, in another case, there is a considerable possibility that the hard drive of your desktop is bulking up with redundant data, duplicate files etc. causing fragmentation and slow speed.

    Fragmented data sucks up more space just like the haphazardly piled up stuff in your room. So, what needs to be done is to defragment it timely and remove the duplicate files. But the task of searching duplicate files is quite gruelling as well as stodgy.

    What is required here is a utility to intelligently clean up the duplicate files on a click. As mentioned above, the users find themselves in a confusing state and wonder which duplicate file finder they need to install and from where they should get it. Again, if there is an online store for desktop applications the users can easily read the reviews and download one they like.

    In short there can be profuse instances where a novice desktop user finds himself in a topsy-turvy state and needs different desktop utilities.

    This is where we need to accept as well as understand the significance of an online store for desktop applications.

    Just surmise the presence of as worth an online store for endless desktop applications as Google Play Store or iTunes. How handy the desktop utilities will be? How easy to get an application would be? How hassle free the desktop usage would be?

    I really feel that the next big gift from technocrats should be a reliable and free to download App store for Desktops.

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    Surface Pro 3

    The new dock gets you much more you can connect to than the old Surface. Some of the ports now available to you will be two USB 2 ports along with three USB 3 ports. There is also an extra USB 3 port to now make there a sum of six available USB ports. Also to be found is now a new Gigabit Ethernet port which is a huge upgrade from the older docking station.

    Now of course, the main feature of this new docking station is going to be the Mini Display Port video output. This allows you to always connect an external monitor to use instantly right after the docking of your Surface Pro tablet. You can also snap in your Surface pen on the side and store it there with a conveniently magnetized side. The Surface pen is something else that people don’t talk about much but that really sets it apart from the competition.

    To set up the dock, very easy. Just put in place the AC power connector, the wired keyboard, mouse and whatever external hard drive you have then snap in the Ethernet cable for wired access if necessary. Once this easy setup is taken care of, you can easily transform the new Surface into a fully functioning desktop PC just by snapping it into the dock and making sure it is in there nice and firm. From here, you can choose to use it with the second screen only option or leave it so that both the Surface screen and the bigger screen are both on at the same time. There may be some scaling issues you need to adjust based on the bigger display screen but once you get that set up you should be good to go. Now with a bigger screen the Surface is pretty much everything you could want as long as you are not running any hardcore software on it, then there may be a need to do a little bit more testing before you commit.

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    Smart House

    For example you might want to wake up in the morning and already have the coffee brewing, the TV tuned to your favorite channel and the curtains already opened on the east side of the house to let the sun in. All of this is pretty easy, but maybe you also want the outside temperature and weather forecast displayed on your bedroom wall, you might want the water turned on and heated up for your shower. When you leave the house you will want the temperature adjusted in your house, and the doors locked. If you think about your routine around the house most of that can be automated. This is why mapping out your own plan is very important before your start.

    As you can see, so far I am only talking about home automation, however the title of this article is the Smart House. You really can’t talk about a smart house unless you understand home automation and what that means. Simply put, a house can’t be smart unless it is first automated.

    So let me give you some examples of making a house smart. When you are at work and your house is empty, different methods will be used to control temperature. First, your thermostat will adjust depending on the time of the year. As the day progressed curtains would be opened or closed as the sun moved. If it’s winter the curtains would be opened facing the sun to help heat the home, and in the summer the opposite would happen. You would be able to see and control all of this from your smart phone, even when you are away. Before you arrive home the temperature would be adjusted and the curtains would open. The garage door would open as you are pulling into the driveway. The light would turn on as would your TV.

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    Data Destruction Services Benefit You

    Ongoing Quality Control Checking

    Data destruction companies set required standards and employ quality control checks, in order to destroy all your digital data safely. Some companies that destroy their own data do not set any standards and employ quality control checks. Due to this reason, there is no guarantee that all their data is destroyed safely.

    Offers many more services

    There are a lot of data destruction techniques that are used by professional companies. Crushing is one of the effective and widely used techniques to make your data unrecoverable. Because crushing guarantees that sensitive information does not leave the business premises, many companies prefer this approach. Degaussing is another technique that removes the magnetic properties of the HDD (hard disk drive).

    Boost your company reputation

    Some security violating techniques such as data breaching can lead to very serious problems, and greatly affect your company’s reputation. Data destruction companies employ personnel who are good at handling procedures related to destruction of personal consumer data. Proper demolition of sensitive information helps to achieve utmost security, which in turn boosts your company’s reputation.

    Responsible disposal

    It is very important to collect the stuff and dispose it in a responsible way. A professional destruction company will help a lot to dispose it off in a more responsible way. In addition to this, they also ensure a safer and cleaner environment.

    Cost Effectiveness

    By hiring experienced and well-known data destruction firm, you can save a lot of your time and money. However, it is important that you research well about the company, before hiring them.