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    Spec Your Order for Custom Cable Assemblies

    Email specs

    If you are lucky enough to have a stand-out engineering team, and know what you need, you can simply email the specs directly to the manufacturer. Even if the job is custom, you may have had a similar one created previously. Perhaps your team just understands custom cable manufacturing and is able to create the proper specs on their own, without guidance from the supplier. Before your final order is placed, they will still review the request with you, but emailing the specs is for the customer that has a good understanding of what they need going into the ordering process.

    Discuss options over the phone

    If your team is mostly sure of what is necessary for the job, but still has a few questions before the final order can be placed, then a call to a manufacturer is a good idea. The professionals there will be able to talk with you to narrow down your options and help you make a decision. They will likely also be able to make suggestions about other products that could be better than what you had in mind, in order to improve cost or function. Since you already have a good understanding of what is most likely needed, the process should be smooth and not take much time.

    Share a mock-up, sketch, or model

    When words simply fail and you aren’t able to describe what you need in written or spoken form, then it is time to turn to images. Use what you have, or what you are good at doing. A sketch on paper is a great place to start. Often, the custom cable manufacturing team has come across similar jobs before and will be able to create a few options for you. A model, is also helpful. It could be as complex or crude as you are able to make. A virtual model, created with design software is always helpful. Obviously, it is important to properly illustrate key elements, but the mock-up doesn’t have to be a perfect working replica.

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    Optimize Windows Registry

    So when you experience any of these symptoms, it is time for you to clean your Windows registry. Then again, before you optimize it, see to it that you consider several important factors. For instance, you should avoid installing every application you see. Sure, there are plenty of great applications online. However, before you install it, you should think thoroughly if you really need it.

    If you need certain applications at the moment, you may consider using their portable versions instead of installing them. Portable programs install in their own folders and do not add entries to the Windows registry. It is also easy to uninstall them if you do not need them anymore. Simply delete their folders and everything they contain.

    See to it that you uninstall applications the right way. If you delete one of your programs, its folder can go straight to the Recycle Bin but it can also leave behind broken shortcuts, folders, files, and registry entries. Hence, you should not just delete a program. You should use the Uninstall feature of your computer or use a software program especially designed to uninstall programs.

    • To use the Uninstall feature, just open your Control Panel and go to Programs and Features. Here, you will see the default uninstaller of your application. Choose Uninstall to remove your installed folder with its included files, folders, and shortcuts.
    • If you are using Windows XP, you can optimize your registry by cleaning hidden startup, removing useless programs, disabling useless services, disabling Windows Messenger, optimizing network settings, defragmenting hard drive, disabling System Restore, and disabling Virtual Memory.
    • If you want to make sure that your default uninstaller does not leave behind data in your Windows registry, you should purchase a licensed uninstall program to remove your application and perform a system scan on your computer. It is crucial to scan your computer to find data that you may want to remove.
    • You can get a registry cleaner to scan your Windows registry and find errors. It is ideal for you to get a software program that lets you customize your scan. A good registry cleaner allows users to select areas that they want to scan as well as let them defrag and optimize their registry.
    • Using a registry cleaner is actually one of the best ways on how to optimize Windows registry. This software program does not only protect and clean your registry automatically, but it also prevents system errors such as DLL, SYS, and EXE errors. In addition, it helps minimize problems when installing new applications as well as prevents crashes. With just one click, it can scan and remove unnecessary entries in your registry. Furthermore, it can prevent your data from being corrupted by conflicting entries.

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    Need a Bluetooth Speaker

    Enjoying your music outside of your house used to be a messy situation involving extended speakers and lots and lots of cables. With the advent of technology, which brought to us the outdoor Bluetooth speakers, life has become so much easier! All our iPods, MP3 players, phones and laptops now come with a Bluetooth enabler, and it is just so much simpler to hook them all up to one good Bluetooth speaker for amazing music that we can pick at all our parties.

    Whether it’s a party on your patio, a late Sunday brunch you want to enjoy in the lawns, a barbecue shindig with a bunch of your closest friends, or even just a night under the stars with that special someone, you no longer have to worry about providing the perfect music for each occasion. And you don’t even need an official DJ! Mix your own music according to your taste, create your playlists on your devices, and just connect them with your conveniently built, smart devices. The best part is, it doesn’t even create a space crunch! Most of these devices are built to be smart, portable, small and neatly confined to very little space.

    So you can just discreetly place these devices around your outdoor venue and connect them all to one source, and treat yourself and your guests to a varied selection of music that you can all enjoy without the added fuss of wires that someone could easily trip over. With these compact devices, not only can you enjoy outdoor events, but you can also relax to your playlist when on a camping trip, or even by the pool.

    Worried that a battery powered device like a Bluetooth speaker might be damaged by its exposure to the elements? New Bluetooth speakers with waterproof ad weatherproof qualities are now available to cater to your every need; they are the most rugged speakers, and the most compact in size- you could just throw them in your rucksack when you decide to go off on a camping trip with your friends!

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    Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster

    I thought I was doing all the right things. I have a cloud backup service that backs up daily behind the scenes, and I also back up regularly to an external hard drive.

    Then my computer hard drive crashed. It’s never a matter of if, by the way, it’s a matter of when it will crash!

    Since I hadn’t needed to access my backup files before the crash, I never checked to see what was actually in the backups. As it turned out, everything wasn’t getting backed up like I thought it was. I hadn’t checked with my cloud service to make sure I had it set up properly, nor had I checked the back-ups I was saving to my external hard drive to make sure files were being included correctly. Some of my files got backed up but not all.

    Luckily, my computer tech guy was able to restore my files. But of course, there is still the worry I had before and during the time he was working on my computer, plus the added cost that I wouldn’t have had to incur if I had done my backups correctly.

    Using an online email service is one thing I was doing right (and of course continue to do) that helped me get back some of my files. I could easily retrieve documents I had sent to people or ones they sent to me. That enabled me to continue work that I might not have been able to otherwise. It was a huge time saver and stress reducer since I didn’t have to recreate the documents from scratch!

    The other thing I did right was to work with a virtual assistant. I was sending her files to work on that I would have only had on my computer (and probably would have lost) had I not been working with her. But because I was, I had them in my email Sent folder.

    Schedule regular back-ups (even daily if necessary) to several locations. You should have your files backed up to 3 different sources:

    1. Use a cloud service that will save your files to their servers. The cost is well worth the peace of mind.
    2. An external hard drive.
    3. I also recommend backing up all your files to a flash drive or CD. I hadn’t done this before the crash, but my tech guy gave me my restored files on a flash drive and I now intend to keep it as an extra back-up. But flash drives and CDs don’t necessarily last forever so don’t use them as your only back-up platform.

    And you want to back up your entire system at least once a week. Windows version 7 or later comes with a built-in feature that will make a mirror image of your entire computer. Save that to your external hard drive (or even 2 hard drives to be really safe!).

    Don’t keep your external hard drive near your computer. In the event of a disaster such as a fire, you don’t want them to be right next to each other or they’ll both burn up!

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    Fix Windows System Errors

    Cool Down Your Computer

    Your computer’s hard drive, as well as many of its other components, is sensitive to temperature. Extended periods of use or a faulty cooling fan can cause overheating, which will, in turn, wreak havoc on the circuits. Errors may be solved if you simply turn off your PC and let it rest for a while. Cleaning the cooling fan with light, pressurized air (never vacuum your PC’s internals) is also advisable so that dirt doesn’t build up and interfere with its operation.

    Clean Your Registry

    A damaged registry can cause fatal errors, as this is where a lot of system information and settings are stored. Cleaning your registry of unnecessary or corrupted data can thus fix problems, or even prevent them from happening if it is performed regularly. It is possible to repair and clean your registry using any of a number of cleaning programs that can be downloaded for free. The user interfaces of this type of software are usually friendly and unintimidating, so you should have no trouble putting them into operation.

    Be Aware of Your Programs

    It will help a lot if you make yourself aware of the programs that are running on your computer. These aren’t necessarily limited to the ones that you opened during a particular session: a lot of software, particularly freeware that you download from the Net, perform background operations that could be clogging up your computer’s RAM and causing performance issues. Be sure to remove programs that you no longer use, and properly shut down software once you’re finished with it.

    Check for Malware

    It is easy to point the finger at malware when something goes wrong with your PC, and, in a lot of cases, you wouldn’t be wrong to put the blame on a virus, Trojan, or spyware that somehow slipped past your defenses. When you see a system error, run a full virus scan with your anti-malware program to see if it can pick up anything. If you have neglected to install an antivirus, remedy the problem immediately: many of the most reliable brands offer trials or free versions of their programs that offer adequate protection.

    Defragment Your Hard Drive

    As your hard drive fills up, it will begin to have a little more difficulty finding space on which to store your programs and files. It often happens that the data for a certain file or software gets spread out over several different locations on the drive, and this can cause problems when you call that particular information up. If you are using versions of Windows earlier than Windows 7, you should perform defragmentation regularly to prevent this from happening. The option to defragment should present itself when you open “Properties” after right clicking on the drive in Windows Explorer.

    Restore Windows

    If all else fails, it may be time to restore or even reinstall your operating system. Restoration will take your system back to a point at which it was still functional, while reinstallation will give you a clean slate, so to speak. Both of these can be performed with your Windows Installation CD, though you should be warned that reinstallation is a lengthy and tedious process that will erase all your existing files and require you to reinstall all your other programs. Only do this if you are sure that you have no other option.

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    Social Engineering

    Social engineering, also known as human hacking, takes on several forms. Some as basic as a phone call with the caller pretending to be someone they are not, others as sophisticated as outlaws getting a job with a cleaning crew or telephone company for physical access to an environment. Corporate leadership must understand the risks of social engineering and take steps to protect their organizations.

    One of the greatest “hackers” of all time, Kevin Mitnick, would pretend to be someone he wasn’t to gain trust, and later access, to company systems. He was so thorough in his actions he once joined a cleaning crew so he had physical access to environments where he easily penetrated their systems and stole valuable information. Social Engineering grows more and more sophisticated and much of it comes from what Kevin Mitnick started decades ago.

    Ever notice how almost no one locks their computer when they walk away? I’ve seen lawyers, human resources employees, and even the controller of an organization leave for long periods of time without locking their computers. How much critical, private, and personal information do these employees have access to? How difficult is it for a disgruntled employee to walk into one of these offices, close the door, and have at the information these key staffers have access to? How hard would it be to get on their managers computer, or an HR system during a company event, or lunch break? Once on the system they could send payroll an email pretending to be a person of authority, and ask for additional funds to get transferred as a “bonus” or “expense reimbursement?” Does your organization think in these terms? If not, it should.

    One company I worked at had a situation where an outside party registered a similar Internet domain name to ours. They then created email accounts using the CEO and CFO names. The criminals sent an email to the controller pretending to be the CEO asking the CFO to wire money to an account. The controller began the process to send the money. Internal checks and balances caught this employee’s error and prevented the funds transfer. The controller made an egregious error, fortunately process saved the day. Does your company have this protection? Does the leadership of your business have the awareness to protect corporate funds from attacks such as this?

    Most people are aware of phony email when it comes from a trusted source. For example, when a friend or co-worker sends the ubiquitous message “Hey check out this cool website I found… ” we all know this is bogus and we stay away. It’s important for business to reach this level of awareness for the more sophisticated human hacking attempts mentioned above as well as dozens of others. Leadership has an obligation to protect company information. The way around the vast majority of attacks is simply awareness. Processes and procedures must exist that protect against human error.

    Humans are easier to hack than computer systems and networks. Most people are raised to be kind and helpful leading them to inherently trust others. The concept of bad people taking advantage of the good and honest does not sit well with most people. Unfortunately, evil exists and we all must have awareness and behave in a fashion that balances our desire to help others while protecting that which we are responsible for. “Protecting the organization from being victimized by hackers using social engineering tactics has to be the responsibility of each and every employee – every employee.”

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    Benefits of LED Technology

    LEDs are extremely energy-efficient and can consume up to 90% less power than conventional fluorescent bulbs. As such they help to massively cut power costs. Because of low power usage, LEDs are becoming popular light sources in remote areas that use solar panels. LEDs also have long life of up to 60,000 hours compared to 1,500 hours for luminous bulbs. Moreover, they are durable and can withstand shock, vibration and extreme temperature. You can also improve safety by using LED since they produce 3.4 btu’s per hour compared to 85 for incandescent bulbs.

    People are using LEDs in a variety of applications, including residential lighting, aerospace, architectural lighting, automotive, aviation, broadcasting, electronic instrumentation, entertainment and gaming, and more.

    Especially in the micro-projection system, use of LED optics will increase over the years. It is because lighting uniformity and efficiency on spatial light modulators or SLM are two most important factors to gauge performance of micro-projection system. People often use tapered light pipe (TLP) and square compound parabolic concentrator (SCPC) as a beam shaper in LED-based micro projection system. By this, you will get SLM with uniform and efficient illumination.

    However, TLP or SCPC has some disadvantages the primary one been insufficient compactness induced by the working length of TLP or SCPC for the illumination system. To overcome this problem, one can use TIR or Total Internal Reflection lenses.

    Definition of TIR lens

    TIR or Total Internal Reflection lenses are cone-like lenses that usually have rotationally symmetrical designs to distribute light in a rounded pattern. You can use TIR lens to collimated light or to generate a preferred uniform illumination.

    TIR lens manufacturing process

    During TIR lens manufacturing, often the designers do not pay attention to color uniformity, which also limits their application. You can however address this problem through effective color mixing, and use a phosphor-converted white LED module integrated with a compact modified free form to get compact size and high angular color uniformity (ACU).

    Manufacturers design total internal reflection lens with an optimization method to combine and transfer most of the light emitted from LED optics into a rectangular target plane or RTP representing SLM. Typically, TIR lens has six surfaces controlled by seventeen dimensional parameters. Design takes place optimizing dimensional parameters with general algorithms. In order to keep RTP in immovable position with pleasing illumination uniformity and efficiency, designers consider illumination uniformity and efficiency on RTP during the optimization process.

    In the Tracepro program, the simulation result of LED illumination system with the optimized TIR lens shows that the illumination efficiency and uniformity has achieved 61.9%, 76% with considering the limitation angle of light (15 degrees).

    You can manufacture these lenses for multiple LED applications. Manufacturing of different sizes of TIR lenses depends on its optical performance, so one cannot specify FWHM angles, etc.

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    Facts About Emails

    • 29% of the emails you receive are newsletters. Remember you registered there, subscribed on that and so on and so on. Every time you register you are automatically subscribed to newsletters of that company, so do remember to untick the box “Receive email notifications” or similar, because that’s just annoying isn’t it?
    • Less than 50% of emails deserve an attention. Probably most of you have noticed that, when you open an email account every morning you firstly delete around 30% of your inbox and then you start checking other emails which you believe are important. Read the point above and unsubscribe from the newsletters are rarely open and add the email addresses you don’t want to hear from into SPAM folder.
    • Five minutes of every hour an average employee spends on writing and reading emails at work. That can sound perfect, but if you think about how much time could be saved, taking into account that less than 50% of emails should be really be opened or read. In a year that could save you around 80 hours. If you are employer – think about that.

    Some fun facts about emails:

    • Homer Simpson had his own email address. This email was revealed in one of the episodes of The Simpsons, where [email protected] address was shown. After that one of the writers tried to answer all those incoming emails from the name of Homer, but it didn’t last long due to high number of interested people.
    • The @ sign in emails is known as different name in different languages:

    o In German it is called “spider monkey”

    o In Russian @ is usually pronounced as a “dog”

    o In Chinese it is named as “little mouse”

    We have no idea why @ is named after animals in different countries, but we know for fact only one – every person should think more or less about their privacy and security whilst sending emails. It is a fact that your personal data could be stolen or bank details received via some virus-email or spam. In order to protect yourself from that – search for secure email services.

    Here are some examples of such secure email services:

    • Hushmail is a secure email service that allows to use your own domain name for $5.24 per month.
    • Lavaboom is a German email service with encryption. In future will allow to burn emails after reading.
    • PDF Postman has a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and PDF files encryption.
    • Voltage SecureMail is a secure email service for corporate customers.

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    Computer Madness

    The brain is developing and channels must be open for the success of the child in later life. These channels are like arteries that are pushed free of blockage by learning. But it is only the right kind of teaching that makes a difference in their capabilities as young adults.

    One of my grandsons was given a phone by a friend and this became so precious to him that he even took it into the shower with him. He barely raised his head from the screen as he skipped classes at school, became non co-operative at home, even quite abusive, and his world began to fall apart.

    In a fit of rage a couple of weeks ago he threw the phone at an object and it broke. After a period of withdrawal he is suddenly a different child. He is not only co-operative at home but helpful with chores and even cleaning his room. The facts are that computers and electronic gadgets are not a brain stimulant that parents expect to be.

    Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God, the knowledge poured into me about the world as it is today and why we are in the last days is pertinent to this story. The Internet is the Mountain of God promised to appear now and to spread the truth over the world of darkness. It is also the source of evil to distract those who are not spiritual and lead them down the wrong paths.

    Computer games and childhood addictions are the same as the drugs in communities where they are also playing havoc with the minds of children. This is in God’s plan and there is not much that society can do to stop it. The parents, however, can and if they chose to take a stand against the evil of this world they should start with their children.