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    Woes Of Android Gamers

    Low In App Revenue

    The numbers clearly indicate that Android is comprehensively beating the IOS and other operating systems, but little deeper insight reveals the painful truth. Android users are sparingly using their pockets when it comes to paying for an app. Total game revenue for Android is 20%, whereas the IOS’s contribution was about 74%. Thus the major game creators are naturally eying Apple users who have displayed great spending potential.

    Subordinate OS

    As explained above, the great spending power of the users coupled with the brand name Apple is the prima reason why developers want to launch their games on IOS first and then on the Android. Indeed, Apple is a proven marketplace which is giving Android the status of the secondary or deputy OS.

    Diverse Platforms

    Though many doubts whether it is really a problem, but quite understandably, it’s a complex task to develop high end games for 4000 platforms. Currently, Android runs on more than 4000 mobile models with different hardware set ups. It is frustrating to see that certain 3D or extremely graphic heavy games just don’t run on these phones.


    This is the Achilles heel which has now become a chronic disease. If Butterscotch studio has to be believed, 95% of the Android version of its Towelfight game is pirated. The interesting thing is, only 5% of the Apple games are illegally lifted. Waked by this unpleasant alarm, Google is now implementing some serious measures to battle the piracy by enabling developers to shut down the games which have been acquired illegally, but it’s the hardest cat to bell!

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    Handle An Optic Cable

    • Always protect the exposed fiber end from getting into contact with hard surfaces. This is because the fiber will most likely scratch or chip the end when it comes into contact with the hard surface. You should also avoid touching the exposed fiber with your finger as this will leave an oil residue that will interfere with transfer of information.
    • You should also avoid using high-pressured compressed air. This is because this will result to discharge of propellants to the surface of the fiber end which might bring about condensation of moisture or contaminants during use.
    • Whenever you insert the plug into the adapter you should ensure that you clean it. This is to ensure that the plug is always clean so that it doesn’t contaminate the adapter.
    • If you have to fasten the fiber using tie wraps, you should be cautious and avoid over tightening it. This is because this will result in micro-bends which will bring about excess attenuation.
    • It’s wise to use protective covers such as end caps and plugs. To avoid contaminating the fiber end, you should use clean covers. If the covers are dirty or you suspect that they are dirty you should dispose or replace them with new ones.
    • For the units to last for a long time you should clean them regularly. For ideal results you should clean them using a clean and ideal cleaning material. When using the material you should ensure that you use it only once. The reason for this is because if the materials are used more than once, they will most likely bring about contamination.
    • As rule of thumb you should never use your hands in cleaning the work area as this will cause the glass to be lodged into your hands thus destroying the cable.
    • When the cable fails to work, you should never inspect it by looking directly into the fiber end while it’s still connected to a laser source. This is because doing this will bring about eye damage. To be on the safe side you should ensure that the fiber is disconnected from the laser source before inspection.


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    Online Backup Services

    Automates the back – up process

    One of the many reasons why individuals are unable to continue with the back – up is because of the so – called complexities associated with the back – up service. The online backup services help the users to understand the backup utilities in a better way than they have done so before. At the same time, for students, the student backup option is available which makes the process of backing up of the data much more simplified and easy to perform.

    Storage at Offsite location

    One of the biggest advantages of the cloud storage is that it stores the backed up data away from the original location. This is really helpful because in case of a natural calamity, if your system gets wiped out, you can very easily access the backed up data in future. After all this is the aim of the data back – up, isn’t it?

    Increased Security

    When you are choosing the backup service providers, you have an advantage over the normal backups obtained from Windows 8 backup software. You can now protect your backed up data from the threats of the cyber world. This might not be possible if you choose the normal back – up procedure for your work.

    Multiple levels of data storage

    When you choose a professional back up service, you have multiple copies of the same data stored in different location. This might not be possible because of the manpower and other factors if you were trying to complete the process on your own.

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    Smartphone Themes For Kids

    Fairytale characters 

    This one is a good option for girl children as they tend to identify themselves easily with female characters in fairytales. The most popular ones are Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel (Little Mermaid). In addition to themes created around a particular fairytale character, many also use the setting as the background such as a castle or life underwater.

    Cartoon and Comic Characters 

    Modern children have grown up watching television more than reading books. Hence, they are more familiar with cartoon characters. There’s Winnie the Pooh, Noddy, Hello Kitty, Nora the Explorer, Telle-Tubbies, Nemo, Tom and Jerry and Doraemon. Although not a cartoon character, one of the latest to be added to the list is Angry Birds. It is not only a favorite among children but adults as well. We also cannot forget superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

    Favorite Actors and Sports Personalities 

    Children idolize actors and sports personalities. So, you could think of it has one of the options too. The Harry Potter movies were the most popular and Emma Watson and Harry Potter themes have recorded the most downloads.

    Abstract Designs 

    If your child is not very finicky about having fairytale characters, cartoon characters or the likes, it would be preferable to choose colorful, abstract designs. They are simple yet attractive. If you scour the selection of smartphone themes online, you will come across some extremely creative designs created using varied geometric figures.


    Boys, as young as they maybe, often have a fetish for cars. Hence, a smartphone theme with sleek and sporty cars in the background might make a good choice for your sunny boy.

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    Tablet Under $400

    iPad mini

    The device is 7.9-inches in size and comes with a dual-core A5 processor with a speed of 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, 5-megapixel rear facing camera, and a 1024×768 pixel screen that packs 162 pixels per inch. To prevent it from breaking when it falls, it’s built of aluminum and weighs only 300 grams.

    If you do your research, you can easily find it for less than $300; however, if you buy straight from Apple Store you will have to part with $369.

    Kogan Agora

    The Agora devices are of two types: 8-inch and 10-inch models. The good side is that the two units come with the same specifications and at a pocket-friendly price.

    The devices come with a dual-core, 1 GB of RAM, 1.6GHz processor, and 8GB-16GB of internal storage space. Both devices run Android 4.1 jelly Bean and have a 1024×768 screen.

    If you are planning of buying the units, the 8-inch model will require you to part with $119 for the 8GB model and $129 for the 16GB unit. If you want to buy the 10-inch unit, you will have to part with $179 for the 8GB unit and $199 for the 16GB model.

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    Choose a Hard Disk Drive

    There are a number of factors to consider when investing in a HDD for your computer. These include looking at various specifications of the model as well as the price tag and compatibility with your PC. A few other important considerations are listed below.

    One of the first things to take into account is how much data storage you will need. Although the hard disk remains a better option for storage volume compared to the SSD, HDD products can vary significantly so it is worth making an honest evaluation of your specific requirements before purchasing.

    Those who should consider investing in a higher storage capacity drive – and therefore a possibly more expensive product – include those who record and store videos on their computer. Other computer users such as gamers, those with an extensive music library and professional photographers with large portfolios are also advised to opt for more space.

    On the other hand, users who mainly use their computer for word processing tasks and a more modest collection of photos and music files can comfortably choose a smaller capacity drive and be reassured that they will likely never run out of space.

    It is also critical to consider the capacity for performance before investing in a new HDD. There are various factors that fall under the ‘performance’ umbrella, including data transfer rate, cache or buffer size, spindle speed and interface. For technophobes, it is best to ask a drive specialist at a reputable computer store to explain how these factors will affect you specifically.

    Spindle speed is a significant aspect to consider when looking for a disk drive whose principalfunction will be to store data. Spindle speed refers to how fast the mechanisms inside the drive work to read and write data. Faster spindle speeds, therefore, mean that information can be quickly written on and read from disks more rapidly.

    Cache or buffer speed will also affect the performance of the hard drive. The cache is a memory for frequently-used information, allowing users to quickly access this data. It therefore is logical that any disk drive with a large cache can provide better speeds of data retrieval.

    It is necessary to take into account the durability of the hard drive that you are looking to purchase. Because of their mechanical components, HDDs are susceptible to damage if bumped or dropped. Other factors such as heat, moisture and vibration also come into play here.

    If looking for a hard drive for a laptop, which due to its portability is much more likely to suffer shock damage than a fixed desktop computer, consider manufacturers who take this into account and can deliver a more durable and shock-resistant product. Otherwise, if price and volume of data storage aren’t issues for, a solid state drive could be a great alternative option.

    These are just a few of the factors that need to be taken into account when choosing a hard disk drive for your desktop or laptop computer. By looking at your data storage needs, the performance of the drive and its durability, you will be on your way to choosing the right disk drive for your specific requirements.

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    Be Careful When Replacing Your Laptop Charger

    Laptops have fixed battery life. This battery drains out as you continue using your laptop for a long time. After a while, you need to recharge your laptop by using a laptop power supply. It is important that you use laptop chargers of high quality. One should always use a branded laptop charger as recommended by the manufacturer of the laptop. The compatibility of the charger with the laptop is extremely important. This compatibility is measured in terms of voltage and amps. Also, branded laptop power supplies have several other foolproof features that very few people are aware of.

    Always remember that complications in your laptop can destroy its circuits as well. Getting burnt out circuits repaired can be very expensive. In fact, a large number of people simply buy new laptops instead of repairing an old one with a burnt out motherboard.

    Faulty Chinese adapters are responsible for such electrical mishaps to a great degree. People are tempted to buy these chargers due to their low prices. Many variants claim to offer scores of different features. These laptop chargers are now easily sold online.

    Nearly all these chargers have no certifications or manufacturing guidelines. Even the basic safety features are not built inside these chargers. If you have bought one in the past, you may already know how often they get overheated.

    Some Chinese laptop chargers have even led to fire accidents. It is quite possible if a duplicate charger catches fire due to sparking or overheating. The fire can spread quickly to all other objects on a table or upholstery where your laptop and its charger are placed. Purchasing a cheap and supposedly feature-rich Chinese laptop charger just because it’s cheap can turn out to be a horrible decision in the long run.

    Over the last few years, universal chargers have become very popular. Most of these chargers come from the Chinese market. These chargers are largely faulty and make your laptop vulnerable to various electrical accidents. A laptop charger should only be purchased from an authentic local vendor or a trusted online seller.

    Authentic chargers sold by these providers are the right match for the specifications of your laptop battery. There is a dearth of cheap and duplicate laptop chargers in the market. Never fall for these cheap variants; instead, opt for a branded laptop charger. Authentic chargers are capable of bearing the intense heat generated when a laptop is powered on.

    On many occasions, you will be using your charger for the whole day. Intense heat and pressure can lead to a malfunctioning charger very quickly if it has not been manufactured with quality considerations in mind. The sole objective of cheap charger manufacturers is to earn quick and easy money instead of focusing on safety, quality, and shelf life. Just make a phone call to your manufacturer or laptop seller for a charger replacement, or browse the website of a laptop charger provider to find the right brand of authentic laptop power supply for your device.

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