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    Laptop PC or Tablet

    Laptop PC or Tablet: Which is appropriate for you? We will help manage you through all the different preferences and limitations of the two, Laptop PCs and tablets to help you to settle on a cognizant choice on your next gadget. So check out our guide to choose between laptop computer or tablet, and go forth as an informed consumer into yonder bloated market. By and large, tablets are 7-11 inches, while portable laptops are 12-16 inches, which right away suggests that the previous will be easier to bear. On the off chance that you are going for one of the bigger tablets or a cross breed like the 18.4-inch Galaxy View Tablet, you may like to consider whether getting a small laptop computer is going to work out better for you.

    Portable PCs are better when thought about than tablets, primarily due to their size and the capacity to store more hardware. Multitasking is less demanding on a Laptop PC than on a tablet, in spite of the fact that tablets

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    Developing Technologies

    Foldable Smartphones

    The companies like LG, Samsung, OPPO, and ZTE are working on foldable smartphones. It is very likely that this new kind of smartphones will attract a lot of users. Samsung has already said that its foldable phones will hit the market this year. The company has been working on this technology for the past few years. For some people, it will be uncomfortable to use a bendable smartphone. But for many, these phones will offer cool things like better display, extra screen size, and not having to worry about the screens getting cracked.


    The reports suggest that the 5G (fifth generation of mobile technologies) networks will become a reality this year. Many telecommunication companies are already reportedly testing this service in many parts of the world. 5G will offer 10Gbps speed, according to the experts. The technology will use low power and allow many users to connect to a single device at the same time. But, the cost of using 5G service will be

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    Tips to Help You Buy a Laptop Power Charger

    Theoretically speaking, a laptop charger should stand the test of time. However, in reality, they don’t last that long. They may get damaged or stolen, for instance. If your charger is not working, you won’t be able to charge or use your laptop. So, it’s important that you get a new one from a nearby office supply store or electronics/computer shop. You can also buy them online. Given below are a few tips that can help you opt for the right one.

    Laptop charger

    Don’t Opt for a Universal Power Charger

    While the universal charger is a good choice, it may not perform to your satisfaction. This type of charger supports a lot of models but their components can’t meet the specific power requirements of some laptops. Typically, the problems are related to the fit, power tips, price, and voltage. So, it’s better to get a branded one.

    Don’t Buy a Solar Charger

    Solar chargers are eco-friendly and efficient. There is a difference between these and OEM models. Although they can be safely used with most types of machines, we can’t say for sure if they

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    Computers Become Tools of War

    The Internet was developed by ARPA (Advanced Research Project Agency) which was an agency of the Defense Department. The Internet, originally named ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency network), first began as a military computer network in 1969. The purpose of ARPAnet was to assure command and control functions of the military in the event of a nuclear war.

    Computer technology is widely used to this day by the military. Among the examples that might be recognized are

    1983: Strategic Defense Initiative (“Star Wars”) which proposed the use of autonomous computer-controlled satellites to fire anti-missile weapons without human intervention
    1994: GPS location devices
    “Smart bombs” of Gulf War fame
    Computer-controlled drones of varying sizes performing reconnaissance
    The introduction of autonomous weapons guided by artificial intelligence
    2011: Computer attack against nuclear reactors at Natanz, Iran
    2012: DOD reports to Defense News more than 10 million cyber attacks a day
    2014: Infosec Institute links ISIS to malware attacks and the Syrian Electronic Army
    Rogue nation states sponsor attacks on national military and civilian sectors
    The Global Hawk flies computer-controlled pilotless two day missions against ISIS targets in the Middle East

    Computers have been tools of war from the beginning. However,

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    Hosted Desktop Services Are A Good Idea

    A Uniform Experience Everywhere On Everything

    Putting software on a central server means everyone can access the same software from anywhere. No more worries about which versions, which licenses, upgrading versions etc. Many HDS services will give access to software using apps that will work on nearly any device such as Citrix which works on Windows, Android, Apple OS, Linux, Unix, phones, tablets and other popular platforms that I may have missed out. It will work on different versions of different operating systems too!

    Backups & Security All Looked After For You

    Backup and security are a necessary pain. It can be a worry when considering HDS; after all, how good is the supplier’s backup and security system? The answer is that it has to be good! Some companies will undoubtedly be storing sensitive and valuable data so HDS suppliers need to make sure everything is backed up in real time or close to it, often across different server locations in different countries.

    Security has to be really good because if anyone hacked into the HDS systems it would be trouble for customer and supplier alike. That goes for up-time too which needs to

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    Variable Data Printing Works

    Print-led direct marketing for customer loyalty club: Pet food manufacturer Royal Canin increased its customer club membership in Sweden from 5000 to nearly 40,000 through a VDP campaign linked to an online questionnaire and prize draw. The direct mail campaign was sent out in three stages to a total of 520,000 recipients. It included a brochure and a personalised card which pictured the recipient’s pet breed – by partnering with the Swedish Kennel Club, Royal Canin was able to use a mailing list that contained detailed information about the Kennel Club members’ animals.

    The mail piece also included a personalised coupon for a discount and a link to a website for the opportunity to win a year’s supply of pet food, in exchange for answering questions about the recipient’s pet. An option to join Royal Canin’s loyalty programme was also offered online. The campaign results were tracked and additional analysis carried out; this indicated that more than 80 per cent of the recipients viewed the campaign positively. The data gathered during the campaign can be used to better communicate with customers in the future and to further customise promotional mail pieces.

    Multi-channel marketing for reactivating charity

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    Avoid a Computer Crash Disaster

    I thought I was doing all the right things. I have a cloud backup service that backs up daily behind the scenes, and I also back up regularly to an external hard drive.

    Then my computer hard drive crashed. It’s never a matter of if, by the way, it’s a matter of when it will crash!

    Since I hadn’t needed to access my backup files before the crash, I never checked to see what was actually in the backups. As it turned out, everything wasn’t getting backed up like I thought it was. I hadn’t checked with my cloud service to make sure I had it set up properly, nor had I checked the back-ups I was saving to my external hard drive to make sure files were being included correctly. Some of my files got backed up but not all.

    Luckily, my computer tech guy was able to restore my files. But of course, there is still the worry I had before and during the time he was working on my computer, plus the added cost that I wouldn’t have had to incur if I had done my backups correctly.

    Using an online

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    Disk Drive Through the Ages

    One of the first disk drives, which many people don’t even know existed, is the magnetic tape. The magnetic tape enables computer operators to store high volumes of data. The reel held a long string of tape which could accommodate up to ten thousands punch cards worth of data. In those days it was a lot, today it probably wouldn’t even cover you for a complete days’ worth of work.

    Then came the floppy disk. The floppy disk was introduced in the 1970’s and could hold a high volume of data. It could hold in the region of four hundred and eighty kilobytes, which was much higher than the magnetic tapes in a smaller and more compact design. This enables computer operators to share information by swapping disk drives from computer to computer.

    In the 1980’s a smaller floppy disk drive was introduced. These were made of hard plastic and were only 3.5 inches in size. Computers only just started being manufactured without this disk drive in place a few years back, these floppies remained in computers for three decades and are still used by some users today.

    The next introduction to computers is the

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    Network Time Servers

    Scheduled System Backups

    Maintaining a routine monthly schedule of successful data back ups is critical to every organization. If systems become out of sync, fail to back up correctly, or at all, it can pose as a liability to your organization. Backups are vital for making sure your system and network remains stable and secure from outside attack.

    Accelerate Your Network

    If your organization uses a wide area file system with multiple users contributing to documents, it can be difficult to figure out which version of a document is the most current. A network accelerator is a type of time server that keeps the time synchronized between multiple devices and users so that multiple people can collaborate on a project, even in real time.

    Network Management

    Should something go wrong with your network, the first place to turn to find out what went wrong is the system log. This log is a key piece of troubleshooting and diagnosing problems. However, if these logs are not synchronized, it can take much longer to find the problem and repair system functioning and performance.

    Intrusion Awareness and Analysis

    In the event that someone is

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    Dangers of Digital Currency

    What If the Power Goes Off?

    The modern world is a kaleidoscope of electronic gadgets and systems that make possible things we only dreamed about as kids. Thanks to our electronic world, you can buy a house from your cellphone, see what the night sky looks like in real time on the other side of the world, or profit from nanosecond differences in trading times in the stock market. All before you get out of bed.

    Just like my “modern” guitar friends, many people seem to take it for granted that the digital systems that underlie these miracles – the Internet, for example – are eternal. So when I hear someone make plans that assume uninterrupted connectivity, I think to myself: “What if the power goes off?”

    Which brings me to one of the most frightening ideas I’ve come across in a while.

    A U.S. tech giant is reportedly working on a software platform based on the infamous digital currency “Bitcoin.” The idea is to make it possible for major currencies like the dollar or euro to operate like Bitcoins. Anyone could transact with anyone else in the world directly, bypassing banks completely. Just

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    Features of a Good Laptop

    Operating System

    I have always used a Windows laptop, and I am not familiar with other platforms. Mac laptops are expensive as compared to Windows laptops. Each platform has its features. Choose the one that is more compatible. Chrome OS is also a good option, and it is not expensive. Readers have reported problems with Windows 7 and 8. I believe that Windows is the best operating system, and these issues will be resolved with the new version. If you buy a Windows laptops, you can get a free upgrade to Windows 10.

    Screen Size & resolution

    In the last six months, I have changed three laptops. This is why I am writing this article. Getting the right screen size is very important. Previously, I was using a 17″ inches laptop. Now, I am using the one with 11″ inches screen. The small LED screen is good for watching movies but, it is difficult to type the document. I had to make serious adjustments to make sure it does not hurt my eyesight.

    Keyboard & Touchpad

    The quality of the keyboard will affect you more than anything. Check the space between keys and

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    Smartphone Themes For Kids

    Fairytale characters 

    This one is a good option for girl children as they tend to identify themselves easily with female characters in fairytales. The most popular ones are Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Ariel (Little Mermaid). In addition to themes created around a particular fairytale character, many also use the setting as the background such as a castle or life underwater.

    Cartoon and Comic Characters 

    Modern children have grown up watching television more than reading books. Hence, they are more familiar with cartoon characters. There’s Winnie the Pooh, Noddy, Hello Kitty, Nora the Explorer, Telle-Tubbies, Nemo, Tom and Jerry and Doraemon. Although not a cartoon character, one of the latest to be added to the list is Angry Birds. It is not only a favorite among children but adults as well. We also cannot forget superheroes like Batman, Spiderman and Superman.

    Favorite Actors and Sports Personalities 

    Children idolize actors and sports personalities. So, you could think of it has one of the options too. The Harry Potter movies were the most popular and Emma Watson and Harry Potter themes have recorded the most downloads.

    Abstract Designs 

    If your

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    Data Destruction Services Benefit You

    Ongoing Quality Control Checking

    Data destruction companies set required standards and employ quality control checks, in order to destroy all your digital data safely. Some companies that destroy their own data do not set any standards and employ quality control checks. Due to this reason, there is no guarantee that all their data is destroyed safely.

    Offers many more services

    There are a lot of data destruction techniques that are used by professional companies. Crushing is one of the effective and widely used techniques to make your data unrecoverable. Because crushing guarantees that sensitive information does not leave the business premises, many companies prefer this approach. Degaussing is another technique that removes the magnetic properties of the HDD (hard disk drive).

    Boost your company reputation

    Some security violating techniques such as data breaching can lead to very serious problems, and greatly affect your company’s reputation. Data destruction companies employ personnel who are good at handling procedures related to destruction of personal consumer data. Proper demolition of sensitive information helps to achieve utmost security, which in turn boosts your company’s reputation.

    Responsible disposal

    It is very important to collect the stuff and